Visit Great Little Rooms for stylish, imaginative and contemporary children's interior decoration ......
We offer contemporary products that enable you to create practical but stylish spaces that both you and your child will love.  And, importantly, our range of design-led products offer truly timeless appeal meaning that your child is unlikely to grow out of their room as quickly. When it comes to decorating your child's room you can have some fun, so be inspired and get creative!...

Great Little Rooms Guide to Inspiring Décor for Children’s Rooms

Use wallpaper to stimulate your child’s imagination.  Choose from bold colour pops, soft muted whimsical tones, sludgy vintage retro vibes, cool quirky Scandinavian style or modern twists on classic themes, there’s something for everyone.

Choose furniture that has lasting appeal. Why not give your child a great little table and chair set based on a mini reproduction of an iconic classic, or yourself a luxury nursing chair that looks just as good in the lounge as in the nursery!

Bedding and Cushions
Add instant personality using soft furnishings.  We have s a range of nursery bedding, duvet-sets and cushions suited to all ages and interests.

Wall Art
Wall Art adds a great finishing touch and is a good way of bringing your scheme together as you can incorporate all the colours used.
Many of the art prints have been designed as part of a collection and coordinate with the wallpaper and/or bedding making life easy for you.  Or you can mix things up a bit for a more eclectic style!
Wall stickers are a simple and inexpensive way of adding instant appeal to a room and they can be easily removed without damaging the walls when it’s time for updating.


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