Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Top 10 List - Washi Tape Ideas for the Playroom

Washi tape is something that we have only fairly recently heard of at GLR.  If you have also been sheltered from the world of Washi, then I can tell you that it’s essentially decorative masking tape from Japan. It has properties similar to rice paper but despite its delicate appearance Washi tape is fairly durable; you can write on it and it can be removed and reapplied without leaving a sticky residue or causing any damage. This combined with the fact that it’s widely available in a huge number of colours and patterns means that it can be used to transform basic items into something a lot more interesting. So here’s our top 10 ideas for using for Washi tape in the playroom......

1. Create a street scene for playing with cars:


2. Frame their artwork:

3. Add colour pops to ring the changes:
4. Create some wall art:
Source: pinterest.com via Nicha on Pinterest
5.  Add a bold feature wall:

6. Decorate a desk area:

7. Add interest to storage and shelving:

8. Add pattern to tables and stools:

9. Decorate with colourful bunting:

10. Create a play area:

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