Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Decorate a Lamp Shade

This is a fun, simple and cheap way to add vintage charm to a lamp shade in a child's room....

To start you will need a drum pendant.  This can be as plain and simple (and inexpensive!) as you like.  Make sure it is the right size for the room and of course in a coordinating colour – although white works beautifully.   Get some ribbons in different colours and patterns, cut the ribbons to different lengths and simply tie them to the frame - making sure that they are not too near to the bulb of course.  For an extra flourish you can tie additional little paper or fabric decorations to the bottoms of the ribbons.

You could also do this as a temporary decoration for a party by jazzing up existing ceiling lamps with ribbon and decorations to match your colour theme.

To read more and to see the pretty pictures of 'one prepared earlier', visit Decor8 buff.ly/XDGOoZ

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